If you plan on watching some football tomorrow, keep in mind that you can apply some of the same principles of a pro athlete to your own career. Jeb Blount, a sales expert, author and keynote speaker, says the same principles and mindsets that drive champions on the sports field can equally create winners in the sales field. Just like athletes ruthlessly train to get better at their sport, sales professionals can also relentlessly refine their skills and pursue their professional growth.

Success in pro sports – or sales – isn’t a matter of luck or natural talent, Blount says. Instead, it’s the result of a consistent and disciplined approach.

How can you apply an elite athlete’s mindset to sales? Read on. We share Blount’s thoughts in this issue of PromoPro Daily.

Create a foundation of discipline and confidence. It takes more than hard work to succeed – you need a routine, best practices and discipline to continue even when you don’t get results right away. Pro athletes dedicate countless hours to training, Blount says, understanding that each session builds toward a greater goal. As a sales professional, you can also commit to your process, from how you research prospects to how you analyze feedback. He says salespeople must also believe in their skills and strategies. This is how to build confidence.

Develop the toughness to overcome challenges. According to Blount, mental toughness is a hallmark of athletes and top performers. It requires staying focused and resilient in the face of rejection and other setbacks. To embrace the pro-athlete mindset, learn how to draw lessons from your experiences and how to bounce back from difficulties.

Be proactive and anticipate the play. Elite competitors know how to anticipate their opponent’s moves. The same is true for top-performing salespeople. They know their competition, understand the market and predict client needs. Blount says it’s about staying one step ahead, which requires research and intuition.

Commit to always learning. This is the path to mastery, Blount says. Athletes spend hours analyzing their performance and learning new plays. In sales, you can stay current on promo industry trends, constantly refine your techniques and stay in tune with evolving client expectations and needs.

Succeeding in any endeavor requires discipline, confidence, mental toughness and personal initiative. In sales, try to see every interaction, pitch and deal as part of a larger journey toward mastery.

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Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Jeb Blount is an internationally renowned keynote speaker, sales expert, podcast host and author of 13 books.