Like many industries, two of promo’s biggest daily challenges are cybersecurity and order management efficiency. Through a third-party vendor, Florida-based supplier Koozie Group (PPAI 114187, S13) is finding solutions to both areas on the journey to digital transformation.

The Florida-based supplier sends 300,000 order updates to customers per month, according to a case study by Bitly. The sheer volume of business is likely one reason Koozie Group became a client of the leading connections platform, which provides companies the use of branded links, custom QR codes and link-in-bio solutions.

Koozie Group’s 300,000 monthly order updates are sent through Bitly’s secure short link technology, giving customers a sense of security as well as a clear and streamlined communication process.

“With tens of thousands of orders being placed each month with Koozie Group, it’s important to us that we create the best possible experience for our customers when they receive a communication from us,” says Phil Gergen, SVP of Technology at Koozie Group. “With the Bitly Connections Platform, we are able to generate hundreds of thousands of trackable links for email and SMS messaging that are always stable, reliable and customizable. And because all of Koozie Group’s shortened links are powered all in one place by Bitly, we can also continuously improve their performance and the overall customer experience.”

Koozie Group is one of several companies spotlighted by Bitly’s “Imagine The PossiBITLYties” campaign that shows how customers are using its Connections Platform to engage with their audiences.

According to Bitly’s case study, Koozie Group uses Bitly short links to send customers directly to their orders through encrypted links without having to log in or receive other status updates, “which is a smoother user experience and still keeps their information secure,” Gergen says.

Koozie Group has always used encrypted links in email updates to customers, but those links could be over 100 characters long. The shorter links are both safe and more user-friendly, and will be “much more appropriate for updates via text, which is an option on the horizon,” the company said. Customers can still choose to bypass the link and log in to their Koozie Group account.