After being delayed for two years due to COVID, Minions: The Rise of Gru premiered in theaters this weekend. The latest installment of the Despicable Me series set records, mischievously, of course.

The new movie had the biggest 4th of July opening weekend at the box office of all time. Advertisers spent nearly $285 million to promote The Rise of Gru. They also teamed up with HelloFresh, the world’s leading meal kit company, to bring a little delicious mayhem to families’ kitchens.

Families could cook up mischief with the Minions Pizza Kit, available exclusively through the HelloFresh Market. Using fresh ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards, recipients can get creative, making tasty Minion-shaped pizzas. All products are conveniently shipped right to their doorsteps.

There’s also a pizza challenge. The best pizza creation enters a chance to win a new kitchen gadget inspired by the new movie—Gru’s Cheese Blaster. Designed to resemble the movie version, this real-life blaster will shoot gooey cheese on whatever home meals, from nachos to hot dogs.

Meal kits make life easier for consumers. These convenient and customizable meal kits easily cater to health trends, different lifestyles and special diets. According to USA Today, meal kits delivered to the home are believed to be healthier than restaurant food by 81% of U.S. citizens.

For busy parents and working consumers, meal kits are a solution. There are a few promo food kits that’ll spark creativity, joy and diabolic deliciousness.

Create fluffy pretzels paired with stoneground mustard with this Twist & Salt pretzel kit. Pop open a beverage with the included magnetic, rustic bottle opener and enjoy the delicious aroma while pretzels bake.

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Ready to go, this bundle of Italian essentials makes a great promo gift. The superior pasta holds extremely welland has been paired with a favorite tomato source and organic olive oil. Stir it all together with a complimentary bamboo cooking spoon for an exciting, artisanal dinner.

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The “For Goodness Bakes” Kit has all the sugary goodness. Make cookies from scratch with included brown sugar cubes, milk chocolate baking chips, baking flour and baking soda.

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For this Bountiful Snack Board, choose from natural cheddar or shelf stable mild pepper cheese comes paired with sausage, crackers and fig spread, perfect for a stacked snack. An assortment of California pistachios and a bar of Godiva® chocolate compliments the board. Included is a sharp bamboo board featuring a fire-branded logo that’s not only useful for cutting, but also stylish enough for serving.

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