The Gold Coast Promotional Products Association (GCPPA), which serves the promo industry in South Florida, has unveiled a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The final result was the product of a collaboration between GCPPA’s board members and Cormorant Marketing, an outside marketing agency.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our vibrant rebrand, capturing South Florida’s energetic spirit,” says Rocky Moreno, GCPPA’s executive director. “The new look channels Florida’s stunning landscapes, injects a playful vibe, and underscores our commitment to unite as the lively community we are.”

Committed to both symbolizing the region and maintaining a degree of lightheartedness, GCPPA headlined the rebrand with the creation of “Goldie,” the association’s new mascot. Goldie is a manatee, a marine mammal indigenous to South Florida. Wearing sunglasses, a hat and shirt – and sipping out of a tumbler – Goldie is intended as a fun and approachable ambassador for the promotional products community.

“As president of GCPPA, I’m excited to announce some big changes that reflect our commitment to innovation while honoring our roots,” says Shelley Bednarski, MAS, regional business development manager at Bag Makers. “This is the perfect time to rebrand the association, and we wanted something iconic of South Florida that would capture everyone’s attention. That’s why we are proud to introduce Goldie, our new logo.”

The rebrand included an updated color palette inspired by South Florida’s landscapes. Blue, gold and vibrant corals are meant to imbue a sense of the region’s beaches and nature.

By adapting and freshening its aesthetic presentation, GCPPA hopes to engage new members and ignite excitement among its current member community.