Geiger (PPAI 105182), as part the distributor’s green commitment, has begun generating 100 percent of its electric power from a newly installed solar array installed on its Lewiston, Maine, campus.  

The largest business solar array in Maine, the firm’s electricity needs are generated by 696 Q CELL panels producing 233.2 Kilowatts in direct current. Annual production is estimated to be 303,100 kilowatts, which translates to a reduction of 319,731 pounds of CO2.

“When we started planning our office expansion, we decided we had to do everything possible to minimize our carbon footprint and to underscore our commitment to sustainability,” says Geiger CEO Gene Geiger, MAS.  “We are so proud that we are virtually off the grid, and our electricity usage is roughly one-third of what it was four years ago. We’re doing our part.”

Geiger is 100 percent carbon neutral for all its product shipments, and its newly renovated office facilities are LEED Certified at Gold and designated a Maine Advanced Building.