An authentic brand is a strong brand. Rather than sounding like every other company, authentic brands tell memorable stories and stick in people’s minds. They don’t do what every other business is doing but embrace their uniqueness.

Building an authentic brand identity is crucial, says Aleya Harris, CPCE, the CEO at Flourish Marketing, because your brand’s identity is the heart of your entire business. It’s also easier than you might think.

In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we outline some of Harris’ suggestions to stand out in a sea of sameness by creating an authentic, clear brand identity.

1. Let go of what no longer works. The first step in creating an authentic brand identity is eliminating what doesn’t serve you anymore. Holding onto things that are holding you back will not create your desired business or life, Harris says. She suggests giving your subconscious a voice by doing some free-form writing. Different from journaling, it’s about letting go. Once you write it all down, you can rip up or burn the piece of paper to signify letting it go.

2. Revisit your successes. After you let go of what no longer works, Harris says it’s time to replenish and replace it with supportive inspiration and paradigms. She likes to write a brag list highlighting her proudest moments in business. You can also think about what kind of transformation you created with your clients. Don’t worry about vanity metrics, she says. This step is all about how you and your clients felt after your work with them.

3. Tell your unique story. This is your chance to tell what you’re about and what you’re on a mission to do. If you don’t get real here, Harris says you’ll continue to sound like everyone else. To create genuine relationships, be vulnerable and allow yourself to stand out from the crowd. When you tell your story in a way that’s technically true but not clear or compelling, you risk turning off potential clients, she says.

4. Connect with your ideal client. Start by positioning yourself as the guide to solving a problem, Harris says, and then use video to stay in front of your niche. Showing up as your authentic self online is a surefire way to make fans out of your target audience.

People respond to what’s true and genuine. Rather than only presenting polished images or mirroring what other companies are doing, be honest and real. Creating an authentic brand identity is one of the best ways to build a loyal audience.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Aleya Harris, CPCE is CEO at Flourish Marketing where she works to transform leaders into legends through radically authentic messaging and copywriting.