As the year comes to a close, you might start contemplating how you want to better yourself in the year ahead. By adopting some high-performance habits, you can steer yourself in the right direction. However, it’s not enough to only think about what you want to improve—you must commit to consistency.

Jennifer Cohen, president and CEO of fitness and wellness brand NGR, says it’s simple to put four high-performance habits to work in your life, regardless of where you are in your career or life stage. We highlight Cohen’s habits to develop in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Wake up early and have a consistent morning routine. Every morning presents a new opportunity to achieve your goals. Cohen says that by waking up early and giving yourself adequate time to complete your morning routine, you’ll already feel a sense of accomplishment. Without enough time to complete your morning routine, you’ll likely feel rushed, stressed and anxious. Starting the day off on a negative note takes you away from your goals. Cohen adds that many successful people find the cornerstone of their routines to be hydrating, moving their bodies, meditation and eating. Figure out what you can do realistically and consistently.

2. Choose to approach everything with a positive attitude. No matter how much money you make, doing things you don’t feel entirely enthusiastic about is a part of life. Everyone has to make it through the drudgery sometimes. While it’s easy to become angry and frustrated, Cohen reminds professionals that having a bad attitude doesn’t change anything. It often makes things worse by permeating other parts of your life.

3. Write down your goals. We all have a lot of ideas in our head, whether it’s general to-do list items or long-term goals. No matter what category these plans fall under, it’s important to write everything down. How you do that is up to you. If you use your phone for everything, an app may be best, even if it’s just the basic notes app. If you like detailed journaling, a bullet journal can potentially work wonders for you, recommends Cohen. Putting pen to paper (or fingertips to keyboard) turns an idea into an action or a thought into something tangible.

4. Surround yourself with positive and successful people. They say if you want to become a better tennis player, you should play with someone more skilled than you. The same is true for most things in life, notes Cohen. You pick up a lot from the people you surround yourself with—both positive and negative. So, if you are trying to be more successful and productive, establishing relationships with people who have what you want can help get you there. Seek out a mentor or join a mastermind group. Even if you don’t end up establishing a relationship with people in your field, anyone with a positive, encouraging attitude is likely worth your time.

Having the right habits in place make all the difference in your personal and professional success. If you want to level up in your life, commit to Cohen’s high-performance habits.

Source: Jennifer Cohen is the president and CEO of fitness and wellness brand NGR, No Gym Required, and serves as the lifestyle and fitness spokesperson for world-class brands including Muscle Milk, Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Weight Watchers. .