When you work in sales, there’s one thing you can always use: More customers. Lead generation is one way to get these customers. Through lead generation, you get your business in front of new potential clients with the goal of moving them down the sales funnel.

Gabriela Damaceno, head of online content for Media Shark, says that regardless of your budget or experience level, it’s crucial to invest to gain more leads. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we highlight Damaceno’s five proven strategies to generate more leads and land more sales.

1. Create and maintain a modern website. A website is like a business card for any company. The site should give visitors a clear who, what, where and why answer about your organization. Damaceno suggests companies create websites that are easy to navigate, mobile-friendly and load quickly. The average website takes 9.3 seconds to load on a desktop and 15.3 on mobile devices. The longer your page takes to load, the more time you give to your visitor to change their minds about visiting your site. Remember: Building a website isn’t something you do once and then forget about. After you’ve established your digital footprint, you’re in a relationship with it for good if you want to make a profit.

2. Push SEO efforts. With more than a billion websites online, how will prospects find yours? Damaceno says this is where search engine optimization (SEO) takes place. Think out of the box and put yourself into your customers’ shoes to choose the best keywords for your website, including anchor phrases and content. Remember that SEO is a longer-term investment which will organically bring leads in the long term.

3. Develop and optimize relevant content. As soon as the user lands on your website, you want them to take some action. Depending on the search term used to find your site, the potential customer may not be ready to purchase. Damaceno says this is why businesses need a content-based lead generation strategy. Creating high-quality content requires commitment and consistency but it will make your business stand out from competitors. You can use it to showcase your unique selling points, your expertise and the personality behind your business.

4. Boost your leads list using ads. Google Ads can be a great way of generating leads, Damaceno says, especially in the early stages. After creating high-quality content, such as an e-book or a webinar, you can promote it using an ad. The idea is to offer free comprehensive content that will provide a solution to your lead in exchange for their e-mail address.

5. Build a relationship. In this stage, after following these steps, you should have some leads. Now practice turning them into sales. Effective marketing strategies should incorporate both acquisition and customer retention simultaneously. Don’t abandon your leads after they subscribe to your newsletter or download an e-book on your website. Use e-mail marketing and social media to remind your customers of upcoming events, provide seasonal tips and keep your brand fresh in your customers’ minds. Damaceno says the most important part of this stage is to create consistent communication and offer value to your clients.

Could your lead-generation approach use a refresh? Try implementing the tips above to identify new potential customers for your business.

Source: Gabriela Damaceno is a journalist and head of online content for Media Shark, a digital marketing agency.