Joyce Anglin is the epitome of a loyal employee. 

More than six decades ago, on Monday, Feb. 19, 1962, Anglin walked through the doors of Vitronic in Doniphan, Missouri, a supplier which later became a division of IMAGEN Brands, now owned by Koozie Group. A year after graduating from high school, Anglin moved west to St. Louis to help her sister care for her triplet infant sons, and after being there for a year, she’d started applying for jobs.

Anglin received a call-back from Orville McManus, formerly a human resources representative with Vitronic, who asked her to come in. She wasn’t assigned to a specific role or department, but she was prepared to learn. 

“When I was hired, I was never informed which department I was hired to work in,” she says. “They just wanted to know if I wanted to work.” Anglin thoroughly proved that sentiment true. On Feb. 19, of this year, she celebrated 60 years employed with the company.

Anglin is a currently a material handler, which entails cycle-counting the warehouse to keep track of stock. Alongside her coworker Janine Buckhanan, Anglin says they also “inspect items when they are delivered and fill in for people when they are on vacation or call out.” She adds, “We’re always happy to do whatever is asked of us!”

“I still can’t believe it’s been 60 years that I’ve worked at one place,” Anglin said in a statement released by IMAGEN Brands. “It’s been so good to be able to work with friends. They’ve become my family. I asked God to allow me to work so I could take care of my mother and dad; my prayers were answered.”

Joyce Anglin, left, is pictured with her supervisor, Tracy Steele, as the IMAGEN Brands team celebrates Anglin’s milestone anniversary of 60 years with the company.

PPB spoke with Anglin to learn more about her experience in the promotional products industry, and her career with IMAGEN Brands.

PPB What can you tell us about how the industry has changed in the last 60 years?

Anglin I’ve seen quite a few changes to our company alone over the years. Each company that has bought us brought new ideas to make things work easier. When we were Vitronic, we made everything in-house. We had a huge cutting department, sealing department, silk-screen department, as well as stitching, stamping and then packing. The company then began ordering items from overseas, and because of that, some departments started to phase out. Also, we made items from plastic and leather. Some items were sealed to finish, then some materials went to silk screen to get the [branding] put on them, then sealed and packed.

PPB What were some of the most popular promo products when you started?

Anglin The popular items were calendars, pass cases (which resemble a travel card holder or wallet, and are used to store and identification, event passes and tickets), folders and many others. I ran a folding machine for the pass cases. I, along with my coworker Joyce Griffin, worked on pass cases by the thousands each day. We were also the first employees to try out the automated calendar machines.

PPB What are some of the things you love most about IMAGEN Brands? About the industry as a whole?

Anglin I feel like we have great leaders who understand how to get things done. Also, I have loved every company that has owned this facility. Each one has brought something new with them and done a great job of introducing their ideas or concepts to the workers. I’m so thankful that each time the company has sold, I’ve been allowed to stay and remain working. I love working—it’s been my home away from home. I’ve made so many friends. 



The Andrew Philips Fashion Lanyard ID Holder is an updated version of the bestselling pass cases sold by IMAGEN Brands in the ’60s (then Vitronic). Made from genuine leather, it features silver hardware with a 36-inch lanyard, two card slots on the back and an ID window on the front for easy viewing. Each ID holder is packed into its own gift box. Shown in gray.

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Danielle Renda is an associate editor at PPAI.