Distributor Boost Engagement, a division of Dayton, Ohio-based Boost Engagement, LLC, recently upgraded its online platform to offer an entirely new ecommerce experience to users, and to meet the needs of today’s online shoppers. Boost Engagement specializes in driving employee engagement solutions through recognition programs and company stores, including promotional products and ecommerce platforms, for customers across the globe. 

PPB spoke with Corey Henningsen, operations manager, to learn more about the platform and its latest improvements.

PPB  Tell us about the recent upgrades made to the Boost Engagement platform. 

Henningsen  Boost Engagement specializes in delivering employee engagement solutions that build community, improve morale, highlight team success and encourage individual efforts in the workplace. We recently expanded our rewards solution to bring an entirely new ecommerce experience to the Boost Engagement platform. Benefits of the upgraded platform include: products available worldwide (lifestyle options in more than 150 countries), product catalog offered in local languages, existing catalog growth of thousands of items, global travel and experience options, a mega menu and quick search feature, faceted browsing, personalized shopping features, the ability to use a credit card to bridge the gap on a reward that users might not have enough points for, an option to donate to global charities and is optimized for mobile users.

PPB  How will the platform upgrades enhance the user experience? And how will the platform upgrades assist companies in better reaching and connecting with their employees?

Henningsen  The platform enhancements will provide users with an upgraded shopping experience. With improved navigation and product selection, users will have an easier time finding and redeeming items that are valuable to them. It is essential that our program participants have a great experience on every part of our platform, and our new shopping experience ensures just that.

Our platform provides opportunities for employees to be recognized for their achievements through our social newsfeed/engagement feature. These achievements ultimately result in employees receiving points that can be redeemed through our catalog. This is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle that helps companies engage and motivate their employees to succeed in their careers. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and what motivates one individual might not motivate another. We wanted to ensure our new selection covered more tastes and preferences. Everyone can find something that’s valuable, whether it be  merchandise, a trip with their family or a charitable donation. 

PPB  Tell us a bit more about how the company store works and the custom products available. 

Henningsen  Users in our program can achieve points-based awards through custom, company-specific goals. Those points can then be redeemed in our catalog that is customized for each of our clients based on their company values, location and program type. Users can browse the catalog at any time and save desired items, experiences or charitable donations to their favorites, and work toward achieving enough points to redeem for the items. We are seeing increased requests to include branded merchandise as an option, which we can easily integrate into the program.

PPB  What are your expectations of the platform, going forward?

Henningsen  We are focused on a synchronous approach to the employee experience from the day they are hired to the day they become an alumni. We work closely with our clients to ensure our products enhancements support the employee experience strategy. We pride ourselves on continuous innovation and on-trend offerings. 


Danielle Renda is associate editor of PPB.