Team meetings aren’t typically packed with fun, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining. In addition to sharing important updates and news, you can use your team meetings to spark conversations, help your sales reps get to know each other better and build a fun-loving culture.

Building connections and rapport is especially important for sales teams that work in different locations. By taking a few minutes at the start or end of your virtual team meetings to have some fun, you can help your sales reps feel more engaged to each other and more connected to your company’s bigger purpose.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share five quick ideas from David Humphreys, an author for the Trello blog, on how to add more fun to remote team meetings.

1. Share your view. One benefit of working with distributed sales teams is that everyone has a different view out their window. While someone might have an incredible city view, someone else may have scenic lake or mountain views. Humphreys says allowing your sales team to play tourist for a few minutes can help get everyone involved. It also allows sales reps to share a piece of their world with their colleagues.

2. Play desk show and tell. Another way to add some fun to your virtual team meetings is to play a quick round of desk show and tell. Ask a sales reps to show a piece of artwork or desk accessory to the group and have them explain the story behind it or why they like it. You could also get the team involved by asking which item on their desk they would take with them to a desert island, says Humphreys.

3. Play two truths and a lie. Similar to Jimmy Fallon’s segment, you could use this activity to generate some laughter during your team meetings. Write down two false statements and one true statement and allow your sales reps to guess which one is true. When you do this often, you’ll get to know your team so well that you know what’s true or you can easily tell when they are fibbing, says Humpheys.

4. Bring on the food or drinks. You may be missing coffee breaks or lunch outings with your team, but you can still enjoy the social aspects during a video meeting. Humphreys points out that eating together promotes team bonding, so encourage your sales reps to bring their coffee or lunch to the meeting. Rather than turning their video off while they eat, have everyone enjoy their meal together with videos on. It may feel weird, Humphreys says, but it’s a way to help everyone feel more connected.

5. Give a 60-second summary. Another idea to infuse fun into your virtual meetings is to invite your sales reps to tell a 60-second story about themselves. This is a quick way for your employees to share something interesting about themselves while engaging the whole team.

Remember that your meetings with your sales reps don’t have to focus entirely on sales. You can leave some room for conversation and laughter by trying the ideas above.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: David Humphreys is an author for the Trello blog.