It might be a little bit of a curve ball recommending what is basically a self-help book instead of a traditional business book, but Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life holds a lot of value for promo pros.

Why I chose this book:

You Are A Badass is a book that I had almost forgotten about until Joelly Goodson with Genumark made it part of the central thesis of her presentation at Promotions East. I was reminded of it again at The PPAI Expo when talking to a few people who were trying to figure out the next step in their journeys.

While this isn’t your typical business book, I find that it addresses some incredibly important parts of growth and, in turn, career development.

I recommend it for:

We have all had those moments where we felt like we weren’t quite good enough or we were struggling to move to the next step or even just forward. You Are A Badass addresses crucial obstacles that hold many of us back on career progression.

When I would work with distributors and suppliers to write their LinkedIn bios, one thing that came up constantly was how rarely we recognize how cool we and our stories are. This book will really help you actualize it.

Key points:

One of You Are A Badass’s strengths lies in Sincero’s relatable, conversational writing style. She seamlessly blends personal anecdotes, humorous stories and practical advice, creating a refreshing and engaging read. From the very beginning, readers will find themselves nodding along, feeling as though they’re having a heart-to-heart conversation with a wise and witty friend. I actually listened to this via Audible and found the narration even more connecting.

The book is divided into manageable chapters, each addressing specific aspects of personal development. Sincero covers topics such as identifying and changing negative thought patterns, setting goals that align with one’s passions and cultivating a mindset of gratitude.

Throughout the book, she advocates for the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction, encouraging readers to visualize their goals and manifest their desires.

  • Embrace Your Inner Power: Sincero encourages readers to recognize and embrace their inner power. She believes everyone can change their life by tapping into their own greatness.
  • Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs: The book emphasizes the importance of identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Sincero encourages readers to challenge negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. I know imposter syndrome is something that I battle often, and it was very clearly addressed.
  • Set And Achieve Goals: Goal setting is a central theme in the book. Sincero emphasizes the importance of setting clear, specific and achievable goals and taking consistent action toward them.
  • Cultivate A Positive Mindset: The book promotes the idea of cultivating a positive mindset. Sincero encourages readers to focus on positive thoughts and to visualize their success, fostering a mindset that attracts positive outcomes. I know it can be easier said than done.
  • Take Bold Action: Readers are encouraged to take bold and decisive action to bring about the desired changes in their lives. Sincero believes that taking action is a crucial step toward achieving personal and professional goals. It doesn’t have to be BIG action.
  • Embrace Fear And Uncertainty: The book acknowledges that fear and uncertainty are part of life, but instead of avoiding them, Sincero suggests embracing these challenges as opportunities for growth.

My takeaway:

I originally read this book when I needed it the most. I was suffering from burnout and at an impasse in my career. It really spoke to me on overcoming the barriers I was setting and taking a chance on myself, and that brought me to where I am now. Hearing Joelly’s take of reading it at a similar struggling point in her career was a great way to reconnect with the messaging. So, if you are wanting something more in your career or your life, this could be the time to discover your inner badass.

What should I read next?

I have a pretty extensive library of business books that I’m excited to share with you, but I’m always looking for something new to read and to inspire me. If you have any suggestions for business books that are meaningful to you, please let me know at, and after I give it a read, I’ll share my impressions in PPAI Magazine.

Gibbons-Rauch is PPAI’s manager of professional development, learning programs.