Celebrating Dennis Cormany’s 40th Year With PPAI

Dennis Cormany, controller in PPAI’s accounting department, has been on the Association staff for 40 years, joining when the organization relocated from Chicago, Illinois, to Irving, Texas, in 1979. He and PPAI are celebrating his milestone, and the October issue took a look at his time with the Association.

Dennis, Congratulations!  You have been a most valuable member of the staff for so long. It is nice to know that you are there for us, doing your usual efficient job. Thank you for all the many things you so quietly and efficiently do. I am happy you are receiving this well-deserved recognition.

Margaret Custer Ford, MAS

MARCO Ideas Unlimited, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
PPAI 106680, D5

Dennis, you’re a good man. Really enjoyed working with you for 16 years. The tribute is well deserved. I wish you well, my friend.

Steve Slagle, CAE
Past President and CEO

Seneca, South Carolina

Dennis is a wonderful coworker. Over the past 13 years, when we’ve worked on department and Regional Association Council (RAC) budgets and projects, Dennis has patiently answered questions and helped Regional Relations figure out the numbers. I especially appreciated his calm demeanor and thoroughness when we switched our backend system for the Universal Regional Membership Application (URMA) and the Promotional Products Disaster Recovery Foundation (PPDRF) last year. Congratulations on achieving this significant workplace milestone!

Valerie Schenewerk
Regional Relations Assistant

Irving, Texas


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