PPAI Diversity Development and Engagement Manager Seth Barnett joined the annual sales conference for A Brand Company in July to speak on the power of the promotional products industry in relation to doing business with the Millennial market.

We really enjoyed having Seth speak at our North American Sales Conference. As we are all becoming keenly aware, Millennials and now Gen Z comprise over 58 percent of the workforce in the United States. So, whether we are trying to sell to them or hire them, we all need to better understand what makes these generations tick. Millennials and Gen Z workers are a very talented group of uniquely qualified people. It is our job, not theirs … to better understand who they are, how they communicate, what is important to them, and, most importantly, what we can do to become more relevant to them.
BILLY BOOE / President / BrandAlliance USA Charlotte, North Carolina / PPAI 188929

Making The Most Of Your Time At Trade Shows
In the August issue of PPB, Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, consultant and acting director of marketing for distributor iPROMOTEu, shared several trade show misconceptions that can snare exhibitors, especially inexperienced ones.

Thank you, Cliff, for this very helpful article. There are several key takeaways that I have highlighted, especially planning how we will follow up with sample requests, etc., and keeping in mind that not everyone is our client; not to mention the value in advertising for the show early and often. Trade shows are quite costly, and it makes sense to make the most of them. Thank you for the tips; we will be putting them to good use at Landes!
CAROL DESHONG / Landes, Inc. / Houston, Texas / PPAI 221733

PPAI’s Tech Summit Proves A Winner
In August, PPAI’s fourth annual Technology Summit brought more than 110 industry technology professionals at all levels to Austin, Texas, for two days of education, networking and discussion. Attendees and presenters alike shared best practices and case studies, and examined critical topics and some of the solutions available.

This was a fantastic event, and I encourage anyone involved in technology for your company to attend. Distributor or supplier, the resources provided and the opportunity to network is unprecedented.
SCOTT BAKER / Director of IT / Kaeser & Blair, Inc. / Batavia, Ohio / PPAI 103148

Harry Rosenberg’s Fans Celebrate His Accomplishments
In its August issue, PPB visited with Harry Rosenberg, CAS, president of Specialty Advertising Consultants, Inc. Rosenberg sold his first promotional product in 1952 and has worked on both the supplier and distributor sides of the business. He continues to sell part-time to clients out of an office at Advertising Premium Sales in St. Louis, Missouri. PPAI’s board chair in 1975, he played instrumental roles in the launch of PPB in 1976 and moving the Association from Chicago to Dallas a few years later.

I am honored to have known and crossed paths with Harry throughout my business career. I recall an early sales meeting we did together at Carl Harrison’s place, Midwestern Advertising, in Chillicothe, Missouri. He was a great help to me and instilled confidence in me as a “rookie” on one of my first sales meetings. Harry has been an inspiration and mentor to so many. Thanks for your friendship, Harry.
LARRY TIMBERLAKE, MAS / Retired / Gill Studios, Inc. / Lee’s Summit, Missouri / PPAI 114157

Harry is, quite bluntly, the bomb! What a great man to know and to have worked with these many years. Thanks for setting such high standards, Harry!
RALPH HORACK  / Vice President of Sales / Gemini Industries, Inc. / Roxana, Illinois / PPAI 112011


I’m privileged to work alongside Harry, and every day I communicate with him how impressed I am with his willingness to help and inspire.
JUDIE MEYER / Marketing Consultant / Advertising Premium Sales / St. Louis, Missouri / PPAI 101466