Facilisgroup (PPAI 493664), an industry provider of a software-as-a-service-based (SaaS) platform for distributors, recently held its industry innovation and community-focused Top Executive event at its St. Louis, Missouri-area headquarters.

On March 24-25, Facilisgroup assembled 10 of the most respected leaders in the industry—with a combined 280 years of promo experience—to strategize the reimagination of the business, specifically during times of change. Eight distributors along with two suppliers, each led presentations and discussions with an audience of their peers, covering a variety of important topics including: driving organizational change, supply chain and logistics, leveraging data, people and culture, and corporate responsibility, among others.

“When your business grows at the rate these companies are growing, you have to be really intentional with how you anticipate and navigate all of the change that comes with growth,” says Matthew Lamb, EVP of research and development with Facilisgroup, and facilitator of the event. “During this great season of change and opportunity, bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry stretches each leader and broadens their worldview.”

Facilisgroup emphasizes that community, one of the company’s “central pillars,” was also an important aspect of the event.

“There’s little more powerful than someone understanding their strengths and openly sharing their weaknesses,” says Sam Riden, CEO of The Specialty Company. “We have participated in something that will produce a greater outcome than we could have ever imagined, and I can’t wait to see the results.”

Doug Ohlson, vice president and owner of AdCentives West, adds, “I honestly believe something powerful happened there in St. Louis. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to sit with and be fed in so many ways by some of the most dynamic, intelligent, driven, open and fun people in this industry we all love.”

Along with Riden and Ohlson, attendees of the event included Stan Scarborough, COO, Scarborough Specialties; Howard Schwartz, founder and CEO, HDS Brand Solutions; Jeff Baumet, co-CEO, Club Colors; Parvaneh Frilot, strategic account manager, SanMar; Karl Whiteside, group managing director, Brand Addition; Colin Eagen, principal; Centricity; Andy Shape, president and CEO, Stran Promotional Solutions; and CJ Schmidt, president, Hit Promotional Products; as well as key leadership from Facilisgroup, including company President Ashley McCune.

“We could not be more excited for what was collectively accomplished during these two days,” says McCune. “Each of these leaders know they have room to grow, and everyone is motivated to get better. This is why they are successful; the sum is truly greater than the parts.”

The group was able to bond further over dinner, drinks and an opportunity for bragging rights with some spirited competition at the St. Louis-area Top Golf location.

“This was the most personally impactful Facilisgroup event I have ever participated in,” says Baumet. “I count each person there as a friend and feel privileged to do so.”