Evans Manufacturing (PPAI 110747, S10), a supplier headquartered in Garden Grove, California, recently donated face masks and other products to two local charitable institutions.

The company donated 10,000 face masks and 500 insulated lunch bags to Brackens Kitchen, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Orange County, California, that, through food trucks, brings meals to those facing food insecurity.

“During this major health crisis affecting our community, we are so grateful for the donation of face masks from Evans Manufacturing,” says Bill Bracken, founder and culinary director of Bracken’s Kitchen. “Bracken’s Kitchen mission since 2013 is through food rescue, culinary training and our community feeding program to help underprivileged individuals and families. Our work has given us a unique position to partner with a network of support organizations, like the Community Action Partnership of Orange County, to assure the 10,000 face masks will be given to people and families in the most need of protection from COVID-19.”

Alan Vaught, CEO and owner of Evans Manufacturing, adds, “My respect for Bill Bracken’s vison, commitment and accomplishments through Bracken’s Kitchen is boundless. He saw there are significant levels of food insecurity that exist within Orange County, California, and he set out to use his vast experience as a nationally renowned chef to make a difference and feed the hungry. Evans Manufacturing is proud to provide face masks to Bracken’s Kitchen individuals and families, and we are very happy that their network of nonprofit groups will help get the face masks to those who need them most in the surrounding communities.”

Evans Manufacturing also donated 38,000 face masks to the Orange County Food Bank. Kristin Kvesic, donation food program manager, says, “In June of 2020, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Orange County Food Bank increased the pounds of food distributed by 59 percent over last year. By August 2020 we served one million people affected by the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. Working with more than 300 local nonprofit organizations in Southern California to distribute 38,000 Evans Manufacturing face masks, we know this generous donation will have an immeasurable positive impact fending off this disastrous virus for thousands of at-risk families in our communities.”

Vaught adds, “Evans Manufacturing is honored and humbled to contribute face masks to the Orange County Food Bank’s efforts to provide resources, from food to shelter, to individuals and families in the most critical need within our surrounding cities. It is our fervent desire through our face masks to help keep people as safe and healthy as possible during these challenging times of COVID-19. The Orange County Food Bank and their food supply, rental assistance and homelessness prevention partners assures that the 38,000 donated Evans face masks will be distributed to frontline workers and the most at-risk people.”