Distributor EmbroidMe (PPAI 240143) will widely expand its services and become known as Fully Promoted, says franchise industry giant United Franchise Group in an announcement made today.

The news was revealed last night to the 220 franchisees at the company’s annual convention under way in Las Vegas in conjunction with The PPAI Expo.

The company decided on the name change after a significant evaluation of the changing needs of its current EmbroidMe customers around the world, saying it will allow for an expanded set of services including branded products and marketing services.

United Franchise Group has been developing a change to its business model for the past year and recently brought on a new president, Joe Loch, to lead the effort in completing the transition.

“This has been extremely well thought out,” says Loch. “We combined the expertise of our experienced brand experts at United Franchise Group with that of an outside agency and worked with our franchisees, who are instrumental as the brand’s representatives in the field. They were acutely aware that their clients wanted a much broader range of services, some of which were already offered. But with the current name, most customers didn’t realize we were so much more than embroidered products.”

In addition to customized apparel and merchandise, the company will now offer online marketing services, lead generation services and complete campaign management for a variety of printed marketing materials.

“We expect great things and are excited for the future of this newly innovated brand,” says Ray Titus, founder and CEO of United Franchise Group. “It’s one of the things I feel we do best here. We evolve our brands and stay relevant to the needs of our customers.”

The new Fully Promoted has more than 300 resource centers throughout the U.S., Australia and in 12 other countries. The company plans to open 70 new resource centers throughout the U.S. by the end of the year, reaching 500 locations worldwide by the end of 2018.