Email. It’s a word cursed across all companies. The statistics surrounding the time spent managing email are staggering. Research shows the average worker spends 13 hours a week, 28 percent of office time, on email. One estimate is that the average worker writes 41,638 words a year in emails, the equivalent of writing a 166-page novel each year.

However, if you use Gmail either for work or personal email, you are in luck. Promotional Consultant Today shares these tips from former Google employee Rodolphe Dutel on little-known Gmail features that can help improve your email use. The good news for those who don’t use Gmail is that as email systems work to keep up with each other, many of these same features may also be available now or in the near future.

Enable Undo Send. If you’ve ever found yourself resending emails because you made a mistake in the first try or forgot an attachment, you know how this can derail your day. In Gmail’s Settings menu, there is the option to “Enable Undo Send” and a time setting for this Undo to be active. If you enable this setting, after you click the send button, you will see an UNDO link next to the message saying your email has been sent. This link gives you between five and 30 seconds (you choose) to undo the send if you spot something amiss in your email.

Use Canned Responses. If you find yourself constantly writing the same responses on emails or very similar ones, there is an option in Gmail to craft Canned Responses that can be populated into an email as a starting point, saving you time in retyping the same thing over and over. You can then customize the email from that point. To enable and create your canned responses, go to Settings and then click on Labs, then Canned Responses.

Use Email Offline. If you want to take advantage of available time when you are not connected to a network or wifi, search the app store in your device for Gmail Offline, a Google app that stores a limited amount of your Gmail information on your device so you can respond or create emails when not connected and they will be sent the next time you connect.

Keep Your Email Safe. To keep others from accessing your email and keep your information safe, Google has a two-factor authentication system that requires the user to enter both a password and a second unique code (sent to you via the app or text message) to access the email system. Yes, it’s an extra step to log in, but it might keep you from later explaining how critical information got in the wrong hands or why your email address is sending out tons of spam. Information on how to set up the two-factor authentication can be found here.

Consider Apps. There are a number of paid and free apps that can help you manage your email. Dutel suggests using Inbox Pause if you want to pause your email system from receiving incoming emails for a period of time while you are immersed in a project (the emails are delivered to you when you un-pause). is another program to help quickly and easily unsubscribe from email you don’t want and get a single daily digest of those emails you do want. Sidekick will send you notifications when an email has been sent, delivered and read. There are many other apps that work with Gmail. Check the app store for your device to find these and others.

Source: Rodolphe Dutel is a buffer product specialist and is also the founder of Remotive.