The average email open rate in the U.S. across all industries is 17 percent, with the nonprofit sector leading the rankings at 25.2 percent. The average click-through rate is 2.5 percent, with emails in the construction, contracting and manufacturing industry taking the lead with a 3.4-percent click-through rate. This data comes from email marketing platform provider Campaign Monitor and its analysis of emails sent in the U.S. throughout 2019.

Campaign Monitor reports that U.S. email open and unsubscribe rates—0.1 percent on average in the survey—are steady year over year, and Tuesday and Thursday lead the week for best open and click-through rates. The government and the media, entertainment and publishing sectors are the highest performers across the board, which the company suggests could be sign of high-level engagement among subscribers.

The company also reports seeing downturns in several metrics, including click-through rates, click-to-open rates and bounce rates. Click-to-open rates experienced the biggest drop, year over year. While lower bounce rates are positive, Campaign Monitor notes that decreased clicks could be problematic, and as email use grows globally, this trend may continue.

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