Being memorable can give you an advantage in many situations, from job opportunities to networking. You want others to remember you in a positive light so that you come to mind when business opportunities arise. Research shows that being memorable involves looking, listening and feeling. When you meet people, they may notice something about your attire or physical appearance. They may also remember something you said or how they felt when they talked with you.

Fortunately, there are many ways to stand out and leave a positive impression on those you meet. Arnold Sanow, a certified speaking professional, has outlined a few suggestions you can use to make yourself more memorable in any situation. We share his thoughts in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Be the first to say hello. One of the best ways to make yourself more memorable is to initiate conversations rather than waiting for others to greet you. No matter where you are, act like you’re the host, recommends Sanow. Say hello first, and when you learn someone’s name, use it. This is a simple way to make people feel important and seen.

2. Give people your full attention. When you are chatting with someone, don’t keep glancing at your phone or looking around the room. Sanow says when you listen to others and focus on them, you not only make yourself more likable, but you can start to understand their needs and motivations.

3. Show enthusiasm. When you want people to remember you in a good way, stay upbeat and cheerful. People naturally gravitate to those who tend to look on the bright side.

4. Incorporate humor. While cracking jokes isn’t appropriate in every situation, you should embrace your sense of humor when appropriate. Bringing some lightheartedness into the conversation can help people remember you. In fact, Sanow notes that people remember humor six times longer than regular conversation.

5. Practice your conversational skills. You should be able to speak concisely and tell people what you do in a few short sentences, says Sanow. You should also ask others for their opinions and avoid interrupting. And a bonus tip: If someone wants the facts, don’t go into the details. Just give them the information they need.

6. Display positive body language. Sanow recommends using the SOFTEN technique. This stands for smiling, open posture, forward lean, territory mindfulness, eye contact, and nodding to show understanding.

7. Be yourself. Let people get to know who you are. When you allow your personality to shine through, you can enjoy the conversation. If you want other people to remember you positively, learn to feel comfortable in your own skin.

8. Underpromise and overdeliver. Another way you can stand out and be memorable is to go above and beyond. Doing good work is important, but when possible, look for ways to delight other people with something they weren’t expecting.

You can make a strong and lasting impression in many ways, from being proactive in greeting people to adjusting your body language. To succeed in sales, you need people to remember you. This year, work on becoming more memorable by applying the above-mentioned tips.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Arnold Sanow, MBA, is a certified speaking professional who provides presentations, workshops and training to help businesses improve their communication.