Whether you work in sales, marketing, HR or another area, you use people skills every day when you communicate with colleagues, clients and prospects. But, like most things in life, there are usually some things you can do to improve and enhance these interactions.

In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we share eight tips from the Indeed blog on how you can improve your people skills in the workplace.

1. Cultivate emotional intelligence. This refers to how well you understand your own emotions and those of others. According to the Indeed blog post, learning how emotions drive behavior and how to control those emotions is fundamental to developing your emotional intelligence. When you grow your emotional intelligence, you naturally improve your people skills because you understand how your attitude and behavior impact those around you.

2. Listen well. In addition to hearing what the other person is saying, make sure you let them finish their statements, make eye contact and concentrate on what they are saying. Don’t just refrain from speaking until it’s your turn to say something. The post also recommends weaving in verbal acknowledgment when appropriate. You could say something like, “Oh really?” or “I understand.”

3. Become a conversationalist. This is especially important if you work in sales. When you engage in polite conversation, you help other people feel comfortable around you. The post recommends asking about the other person’s interests or enjoyable aspects of their job. If you’re at an event, ask them how many years they’ve attended or what inspired them to attend this time.

4. Respect cultural differences. Remember that social engagement can differ between cultures. For example, the post notes that an accepted social practice in one culture may offend other cultures. If you know you’ll be meeting someone from a different culture, do some research so you’ll be prepared.

5. Seek out new people. Another way to improve your people skills is to talk to people you don’t know. Stepping outside your comfort zone can build your social confidence and emotional intelligence. It can also help you develop new business contacts.

6. Keep a sense of humor. It’s okay to laugh at yourself sometimes. You don’t have to take everything so seriously, whether you trip on your way into an event or mispronounce someone’s name. The post adds that when appropriate, laugh at your failings. This can help make everyone more comfortable and make you appear more likable.

7. Let everyone speak. People want to be heard, whether you’re chatting one on one or in a group setting. Give everyone an opportunity to share what they want to say. If someone disagrees with you, do your best to keep an open mind to their perspective and be willing to discuss respectfully.

8. Leave a positive lasting impression. You want your connections to remember you in a good way. The post says there are many ways you can accomplish this, from showing a sincere interest in the other person to following up when appropriate.

People matter more than technologies, systems and processes. Consider the guidance above to brush up your people skills. When you hone these skills, you can more meaningfully interact with others personally and professionally.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: The Indeed editorial team. The Indeed blog covers topics like career development, interviewing tips and general career guidance.