As technology, data and artificial intelligence rapidly reshape our world, they’re also changing the way that businesses market their products and services. Skills that were held in reverence just a few years ago are giving way to a new set of capabilities that will be required to continue attracting, landing and serving customers. For instance, social media—something that was used as entertainment before it became ubiquitous in the professional world—now entails a list of skills critical to marketing.

According to marketing talent agency Market Pro, with the marketing landscape evolving at an ever-quickening rate, successful marketers will need to dedicate themselves to lifelong learning to continue their success. In addition to becoming lifelong learners, Market Pro identified eight key skills that marketers will need to set themselves up for success in 2020, which we’ll share in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. Agility + Ability = Adapt. It’s inevitable the business world will continue changing with time. To keep pace, businesses must have the agility to change existing or outdated policies or procedures, and the ability to develop and execute appropriate solutions to ensure marketing efforts remain fruitful.

2. Cross-cultural and generational collaboration. The American workforce has become more culturally and generationally diverse. Having the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams is not an option, but a necessity. As a team, work together and embrace individual and cultural differences, as this may inform your next business solution.

3. Digital Mindset. The ability to foresee and remain ahead of both technology and how technology is used by prospects and customers alike will allow your business to keep up with unflinching digital transformations. In the digital age, it’s important not to get left behind.

4. Strategic Thinking. The future will require all marketers to think critically to quickly synthesize data. Marketers will also be required to understand shifting markets to make strategic decisions that will move the needle.

5. Leadership + People Management. To ensure your team has the skills to survive and prosper, marketing leaders will need to mentor, motivate and develop the skills of team members on a continual basis.

6. Social Emotional Intelligence. The next decade will require marketers to communicate and connect effectively with diverse teams within the organization. The ability to practice empathy, understanding and cultural sensitivity will go a long way.

7. Complex problem solving. Technology and its never-ending amount of data will complicate decisions. Develop the ability to eliminate noise and translate data into the right decision.

8. Storytelling. To reach and connect with audiences, marketers will need to craft unique and compelling stories, which will translate into meaningful and relevant content. Develop stories that are relatable and compelling, as this will attract consumers to your content.

Source: Bob Van Rossum is president of MarketPro. He has been a leader in the marketing executive search and staffing industry for more than 16 years.