Whether it’s making candles or refurbishing a couch, more consumers are tackling projects themselves. These do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts and construction projects are cost-saving and self-fulfilling. After a finished project, 81% feel very self-accomplished says Home ISD.

With social media platforms like Instagram and Etsy, creating and selling DIY projects is extremely popular and easy. Businesswire says the global DIY retailing market is expected to grow by 4% between 2019 and 2023.

According to the New York Post, the average American home has nine DIY projects that need to be done. Inspire consumers get the job done or start new projects by adding DIY-friendly promotions to your client’s next campaign.

This mini magnetic level is perfect for household projects. It attracts to pipe and metal studs will also measuring plumb, level and 45-degrees. Recipients will keep this handy when decorating.

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These Do-It-Yourself Planting Kits are perfect for any aspiring green thumb. To start their mini garden, recipients recycle something from their home. The kit includes a soil wafer, seed packet and a large branding area on the folding backer card. Choose from a variety of seed options like basil or pink wildflowers.

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With this Do-It-Yourself Caramel Apple KitGift Box, a recipient can treat themselves to homemade caramel apples. Each kit can make six caramel apples. In every kit, there are 30 caramel squares, shredded coconut topping, mini chocolate chip topping, crushed graham cracker topping, crushed nut topping, six cellophane sheets, six sticks and six twist ties. Apples not included.

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Great promotional idea for construction companies, tailoring services or home improvement DIY-ers, this plastic mini heart-shaped tape measure is the perfect size. Easily fitting in pockets or purses, this tape measure has a three-foot retractable tape measure.’

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