Salt Life, LLC, a subsidiary of supplier Delta Apparel (PPAI 188431), is getting into the craft beer business in a new joint venture to develop and market a line of Salt Life-branded beer. The joint venture’s products are expected to be available in the Florida market this fall and expand geographically over time.

“We are extremely excited about this further extension of the Salt Life brand,” says Robert W. Humphreys, chairman and chief executive officer of Delta Apparel, Inc. “Consumer recognition of Salt Life continues to grow exponentially across the U.S. and Caribbean markets. Our consumers consistently tell us they want more Salt Life-branded products, and beer is often their beverage of choice while living the Salt Life. The growth of our apparel through all channels of distribution combined with the popularity of Salt Life-branded restaurants gives us a natural platform for this new product and marketing initiative to leverage the Salt Life brand.”

Jeff Stillwell, president of Salt Life, LLC, adds, “Our consumers embrace the Salt Life lifestyle and are hungry for new product categories. Salt Life beer should be the perfect new offering to celebrate the brand’s fifteenth year anniversary in 2018.”