The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has elected Commissioner Bob Adler as vice chairman and the agency’s interim chairman until a permanent chairman is named. Ann Marie Buerkle, the current acting chairman, will step down from her role on October 27 and Adler will assume his new role on October 1.

The election took place on September 14 and Buerkle, a Republican, says she cast her vote for Commissioner Adler, a Democrat. “I think it is important that the temporary caretaker for the agency be the most experienced, most senior commissioner who has previously served in this role. This interim selection will keep the agency on course while the White House determines and nominates a new candidate for chairman.” She also added, “Consumer protection is not political.”

Acting Chairman Buerkle’s departure from the CPSC leaves two Republican and two Democrat commissioners ending the Republican majority less than a year after it began. The Trump Administration will select a nominee to fill Acting Chairman Buerkle’s seat ending in October 2025. That nominee, or current Commissioners Feldman or Baiocco, will be named a permanent chairman of the agency.