As the crisis in Ukraine continues, affecting the lives of more and more people in the area, the necessity of financial support and humanitarian aid from all around the world only increases. Corporate Aid for Ukraine is a donor advised charitable fund spearheaded by the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, where over 2 million Ukrainian refugees are currently residing.

The fund is working in cooperation with many leading business organizations. Among its founding members is John Lynch, CEO of Lynka, a promotional products distributor and decorator based in neighboring Poland.

Jonathan Isaacson, CEO of promo supplier Gemline, is one of three U.S.-based fundraising advisors. Isaacson and Gemline have been active in corporate social responsibility efforts in the past.

The corporate world, including the promotional products industry, is in a position to help, and sorting out how and where to direct donations is an important step.

CAU’s proximity to the crisis, as well as their support from U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, put them in a unique position to monitor the evolving circumstances and ensure that donations are directed to the most critically needed aid. The CAU website lists 10 reasons for corporations to support their mission. Examples include frontline aid, U.S. Embassy support, full vetting of recipients, and no fees taken for CAU’s role in facilitating help.

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