Clothpromotions Plus (PPAI 359202, S4) has announced a joint‐venture with Dallas, Texas-based supplier The Sourcing Solution (PPAI 474924, S1) to form Creative Sourcing Solutions. The new brand, Creative Sourcing Solutions, launched earlier this month at The PPAI Expo 2020.

This subsidiary of Boca Raton, Florida-headquartered supplier Clothpromotions Plus will utilize the core competencies of each company in creative marketing strategies, innovative product offerings, package design and manufacturing, product fabrication, fulfillment and distribution and overseas sourcing. It has staff in China, Mexico and the U.S.

“We are extremely excited for this venture. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and our partner distributors. It is not enough to simply source. We develop brand-exclusive products from scratch and offer full‐service, no fee, no exposure competitive sourcing,” says Scott Opper, co‐CEO.

Russ Burchard, president of The Sourcing Solution, adds, “Over the course of many years, we have developed relationships with factories willing to produce new and custom items, with smaller order sizes and fast delivery times. That means no brokers and no traders; you are buying direct from us.”

Burchard adds, “Our domestic and international factories have the highest corporate approvals, international audit certifications and are accredited vendors for companies such as McDonald’s, Walmart and Disney.”