PPAI’s vision statement is “Promotional products are universally valued and essential to every brand.” That sentence is intentionally far-reaching in its definition, but one core aspect of a promo product being “universally valued” means that it will stay out of a landfill for the foreseeable future.

  • Part of the promo industry’s journey in sustainability is making higher quality, longer-lasting products that end users will hold on to for a significant period of time.
  • But in addition to just being higher quality, if end users are to value promo products, it’s important that distributors are getting clients exactly what they want, instead of a ballpark approximation.

Hexa Custom (PPAI 767010, S1), a supplier based out of Boulder, Colorado that specializes in custom outerwear, has unveiled Hexa Design Lab, a customization platform that allows a distributor to tailor a corporate gifting order to their client’s preference.

Customizable Corporate Gifting

According to Hexa Custom, the Hexa Design Lab is all about freedom.

  • Distributors and their clients are no longer handcuffed to a select few options.

Distributors can create personalized branded outerwear product working within parameters that include:

  • What type of product is offered.
  • Its features.
  • A color palette.
  • The logo.

In an ideal world, by opening up collaboration between distributors, clients and perhaps even individual employees for a corporate gifting order, suppliers can provide something that each end user is excited to wear.

What They’re Saying

Sue Timbo, CEO and co-founder of Hexa Custom, says that the company is trying to break the traditional molds of how distributors and clients design the products they give to employees.

“The days of having to select a pre-manufactured style off the shelf – in blue or black – and hoping for the gender/sizes that you need can finally be a challenge of the past,” Timbo says. “It’s now possible to hand over the design reins to corporations or end recipients to select the styles, added features and color application that bring their brand or personality to life.”

For some clients in the employee gifting world, it’s not exactly a uniform they are looking for in their branded outwear. Sure, the logo is a must, but a sense of individuality can be a selling point.

“Customization in outerwear has arrived in a way that’s never been done before,” Timbo says, “and for companies that value individuality, they can finally create an experience for their employees or recipients that will leave a lasting impact that they will never forget.”