This year, chocolate was smashed, bombed and bitten on The PPAI Expo trade show floor. Expo attendees sampled cookies, brownies and chocolate candies as they moved from booth to booth. Chocolate is the traditional gift favorite, and it’s only becoming more popular. With a rising demand for chocolate that is vegan, gluten or dairy-free, novice connoisseurs can now enjoy the confection.

But the most popular chocolate food gifts demand that the recipient interact with the product. Whether it’s dropping a ball of chocolate into hot water or cracking open a chocolate heart, chocolate is food everyone will want to play with.

Frame your client’s logo with 44 delicious custom-molded Belgian chocolate squares. This 45-piece chocolate box has a custom center available in pure Belgian milk or dark chocolate. Add up to 22 custom designs for your border, alternating milk and dark chocolate, in just one additional mold.

Chocolate Chocolate / PPAI 111668, S5

This gluten-free, vegan shot-glass shaped cookie will make lactose-free milk taste even better. Made with a chocolate richness, these handcrafted vegan treats are the perfect choice for the gluten-free vegan on the go. This half dozen cookie shot set comes in a premium magnetic gift box.

Dirty Cookie / PPAI 814973, S00

Smash into a new beginning with this two-pound chocolate bottle filled with 16 ounces of champagne bubbles. It’s perfect for work anniversaries, celebrations, milestones, promotions or smashing sales records. It comes individually boxed with full color label and mallet for easy smashing.

NC Custom / PPAI 111662, S7

Make your next promotional event explosive with a Hot Chocolate Bomb. Simply pour hot water or milk over the bomb and watch it activate. This two-pack of chocolate bombs comes in a customizable sleeve. Choose from flavors like classic milk and classic dark, cookies & cream and dulce de leche (shown) and more.

Midnite Snax / PPAI 113793, S3

The perfect gift for the chocolate lovers on your list. This gift box comes with eight pieces of pecan turtles made with creamy caramel, full-flavored Southern pecans, and 12 pieces of signature English Butter Toffee.

Maple Ridge Farms / PPAI 114165, S8