Former PPAI Board Chair and PPAI Hall of Fame inductee Harry Rosenberg, CAS, president of St. Louis, Missouri-based Specialty Advertising Consultants, Inc., passed away on April 23 at age 91. He enjoyed an extraordinary 67-year career as an industry supplier, consultant and long-time PPAI volunteer.

Rosenberg served four years on the PPAI board and as chair from 1975-76. In 1983, he was inducted into the PPAI Hall of Fame.

Rosenberg joined the industry after attending a semester at Washington University, when he started working at his family’s company, Universal Match Corporation. When the company was sold in 1950, he and his two brothers-in-law bought supplier Ritepoint, which was then based in St. Louis. He ran the company until 1980 when he officially retired. He then formed Specialty Advertising Consultants, serving as a consultant to industry suppliers, a role he transitioned to part-time in recent years.

He and his wife, Ginny, were married for 68 years and had two children, six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchilden.

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