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In recent years, Netflix has established itself not only as a worldwide streaming service, but also as a source for high-quality entertainment. Some of the most talked about Netflix original series included Orange is the New Black (2013), House of Cards (2013) and Master of None (2015), all of which won several awards—and with more than 207 million subscribers as of April 2021, according to TechCrunch, there’s certainly a large audience streaming this content at any point in time. With so many enthusiastic fans, it comes as no surprise to many that Netflix, Inc. decided to open an ecommerce Netflix Store to sell branded merchandise inspired by viewers’ favorite movies and shows.

The store, which opened in June, features hardgoods, apparel, furniture items, jewelry and collectibles. It was created in partnership with tech company Shopify, with Josh Simon, who heads Netflix’s consumer products division, describing it to the New York Times as a “boutique,” with only a few products launched during the first week and to be available at any given time. The series spotlighted during Netflix’s store opening was Lupin (2021), a French crime and mystery series, with available show-related items including throw pillows and a side table, which were all designed in collaboration with the Louvre Museum. In the months to come, Netflix has said fans can expect to see items from Stranger Things (2016) and The Witcher (2019). As of press time, Netflix had no plans to transition into brick-and-mortar stores or open a standalone location, but confirms that it will remain in the ecommerce space.

The decision to launch the online store came as Netflix saw signs of slowing demand post-pandemic, and also as a result of the growing streaming services market and emerging competitors, such as Disney+. Opening the store provides yet another opportunity for Netflix to generate revenue, while providing its users and fans with products to keep or gift. Netflix has partaken in several partnerships in the past, such as with Walmart, Amazon and Target, to sell branded items related to its movies and shows, but this marks the first official store owned and operated by the company—and another way the brand is choosing to remain relevant, timely and fresh to fans of all ages.


Danielle Renda is associate editor of PPB.