Big-picture thinking is important for growing your promo career. This way of thinking allows you to envision the full picture rather than getting caught up in the finer points.

While many entrepreneurs tend to be big-picture thinkers, anyone can benefit from the skill. Writer Chantelle Lee penned a piece for the Atlassian blog that covers some important ways big-picture thinking can boost your career. 

We share her thoughts in this issue of PromoPro Daily, along with some actionable ways you can strengthen this skill.  

The Benefits Of Big-Picture Thinking

  • You can boost your career. When you’re looking at situations and problems from a wider viewpoint, you might see opportunities you’d otherwise miss. Rather than getting frustrated by obstacles, practice using setbacks as chances to think of new solutions.
  • You can become more resilient. Lee says that people who use big-picture thinking tend to be nimbler and more adaptable when challenges arise. They’re constantly thinking about how they can improve something. Those who tend to focus on smaller tasks usually concentrate on completing those tasks rather than looking ahead and developing ways to improve the status quo.
  • You can motivate others. Big-picture thinking can be inspiring. If you have a vision for the future, Lee recommends staying focused on it even in the face of challenges.
  • You get to flex your creativity. Lee gives an example of Steve Jobs, a well-known big-picture thinker. He didn’t want to keep creating the same phones, so he imagined what phones could do in the future. Lee says his forward-thinking led to him developing the iPhone.

How To Grow Your Big-Picture Thinking Skills

  • Adopt a growth mindset. Work on gaining new knowledge and expanding your skills. Lee says if you believe in growing and practicing new skills, you’re opening your mind to developing big-picture thinking.
  • Use disruptive thinking. This creative process involves generating ideas through free-flowing, unstructured brainstorming, Lee says. This skill lets you view different situations from various perspectives, which can lead to big-picture thinking.  
  • Play strategy games. Bring out the promo chess board – games like checkers and chess can aid in developing big-picture thinking skills. Lee says it’s because these games involve planning ahead and picturing several rounds of future moves.
  • Make lists. It’s important not to get too bogged down by small details, Lee says, but setting long-term goals keeps you on track and focused on accomplishing your long-term objectives.

If you tend to get caught up in the details, practice zooming out. This can create more clarity and help you become more objective. Try making more lists, playing some strategy games or simply embracing a growth mindset.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Chantelle Lee is a contributing writer for Atlassian.