Two Connecticut-based distributors are joining forces with Barker Specialty’s (PPAI 10200, Gold) acquisition of Wolfepromo (PPAI 109604, Standard Plus). Together, the two companies represent more than 100 years of promotional product experience operating out of the Northeast.

A contributing factor in the motivation to acquire Wolfepromo was to gain the experience and knowledge of David Wolfe, the distributor’s managing partner.

“I’ve always thought highly of David,” says Gerry Barker, president of Barker Specialty. “His company is small, highly respected and well run. This is just a terrific fit.”

Bringing In ‘Creative Disruption’

Wolfe made a name for himself in the Northeast by focusing Wolfepromo’s services specifically to his clients’ needs and situations. His firm’s tagline was “Creatively Disruptive.”

  • Wolfe says that he had been open to such an opportunity but would only do so if the right fit presented itself.

“I wanted to partner with a great company,” says Wolfe. “I was very selective in inviting possible partners to discuss opportunities.”

Barker Specialty’s plan is to continue to client-tailored approach to Wolfepromo’s customers while now being bolstered by the capabilities of resources now available through Barker Specialty, including:

  • Customer stores
  • In-house kitting
  • Artwork services
  • Global sourcing

The combining of experience and resources is expected to create better possibilities for the aggregate customer base.

“As soon as I met David, I knew the synergy between our companies would be perfect,” says Amy Serrano, Barker Specialty’s chief revenue officer. “We both have the same goals – giving our clients peace of mind while providing the best solutions using promotional products.”