Disruption through technology has transformed the landscape in one industry after another, from Uber and Lyft upending the taxicab business, to Airbnb and VRBO.com squeezing out hoteliers’ grip on traveler accommodations.

Similar disruption is now hitting the transportation and logistics industry as technology offers new ways to move products across America’s highways. A story by McKinsey and Company, based on its research, reveals five trends predicted to bring significant change to trucking, rail, warehousing and logistics companies.

PPAI’s annual sales volume study reports that the transportation industry is the 13th largest user of promotional products among the top 25. It had a 3.1 percent share of the market in 2017.

The first trend to impact the industry is the introduction of autonomous trucks that will affect the cost structure of trucking and the cost of the goods being transported. If you serve customers in the transportation or logistics industries, it’s important to know the issues they are facing. Learn more about this trend in the full story here.