Part of the company’s commitment to reduce its environmental impact through product and process innovation, distributor ASL Global (PPAI 625218, D11) has announced a new collaboration with Waste2Wear, a textiles manufacturer that has been creating fabric and textiles from recycled plastic bottles since 2008. Waste2Wear is the only manufacturer in the textile industry offering materials made from post-consumer waste, which is fully certifiable and traceable, using blockchain technology.

“Waste2Wear offers a unique circular economy solution which uses blockchain technology to show the exact origin of the waste used in the creation of these textiles,” says John Pollock, ASL’s global sales director. “This drives transparency right through the value chain, ultimately helping our customers to become more sustainable in their marketing activities. This solution takes supply chain sustainability to the next level. Waste2Wear’s blockchain technology allows us to source textiles in a truly sustainable way. Simply by scanning a QR code, consumers can discover the ‘story’ of any product they are about to purchase. Making this journey so transparent allows brands to show that their merchandise is sustainably sourced. It’s a powerful message which we think resonates strongly with consumers.”

Monique Maissan, founder and CEO of Waste2Wear, says, “ASL Global works with some of the world’s biggest consumer businesses, so it’s a great opportunity for us to offer this unique blockchain solution to global brands such as L’Oréal, Coca-Cola and Mars.”

Waste2Wear produces more than 150 different fabrics out of recycled plastic bottles (RPET). They also innovate ways to make new products out of other discarded plastics such as those from appliances including fridges, car dashboards, food containers, air conditioners and washing machines. These recycled polypropylene (RPP) products are fully traceable with a QR code to show the blockchain. For this innovation, Waste2Wear won the Sustainable Business Award by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC).