American Solutions for Business (PPAI 101656) is hosting an open house today to introduce its new 8,000-square-foot office in Las Colinas, Texas. The office will house office personnel and eight of the Glenwood, Minnesota, distributor’s sales associates.

Staff from Mojo Media Labs, an ASB business partner and inbound marketing and sales agency that combines scientific inbound strategy with creative content marketing, will share the leased space. The 10th-floor facility also features an idea center and three conference rooms, designed with video conferencing and wireless projection capabilities. The offices are designed to provide more opportunities for education and interaction among associates, clients and suppliers.

ASB plans on hosting several events at its new offices, including sessions to bring end-users and suppliers together for networking and educational opportunities. Sarah Thomas, ASB’s director of vertical markets, is part of the Los Colinas business hub. She says, “Each month we plan to hold Lunch & Learn sessions during which suppliers will be on hand to educate our sales associates regarding new products and services we can offer our clients. We’re looking forward to those productive and meaningful interactions that will benefit everyone.”