Amy Rabideau, MAS, director of purchasing at distributor Summit Group, has been appointed as the Regional Association Council (RAC) delegate to the PPAI Board of Directors. Rabideau will serve a two-year term that begins immediately following The PPAI Expo 2019.

The RAC delegate is a member of the RAC board and serves as liaison between the two boards. Rabideau succeeds the current RAC delegate, D’Anna Zimmer, CAS, who has served since January 2017.

“The RAC delegate is a very important position on the PPAI board as it brings additional insights from the regional community,” says PPAI Board Chair Dale Denham, MAS+. “A group of us worked closely with the RAC board to meet with multiple candidates to find the best person to bring the needed skills and insights to further strengthen the PPAI board. Each candidate had quite a bit to offer, but Amy had the best blend of skills and experience that the PPAI board was looking for and I’m enthusiastic about the contributions she will bring to the board and the industry during her term.”

In her current position with Summit Group, Rabideau’s focus is on compliance and product responsibility. With more than 20 years in the industry on the supplier and distributor sides of the business, supplier integration is a passion. Rabideau was elected to the RAC board in 2017 and has served on the Georgia Association of Promotional Products Professionals (GAPPP) board for the past six years.

“I am excited to serve as the RAC delegate to the PPAI board,” says Rabideau. “It is a privilege and responsibility that I don’t take lightly. While serving, I hope to continue the efforts to increase collaboration among our many stakeholders to help better the industry that I love.”

Read more about her in PPB‘s November issue.