Ahead of Earth Day on Friday, Alternative Apparel (PPAI 217134, S5) has announced that it has officially met its pledge to replace all of its virgin polyester with 100% recycled polyester in its manufacturing.

The Pledge: Alternative Apparel, a Hanes Brands subsidiary, made its pledge back in February 2020, mere weeks before COVID-19 forced worldwide lockdowns. The eco-focused supplier was the first promotional products brand in the print wear market to make that commitment. And while the pandemic interfered with its one-year timeline, Alternative Apparel has now officially met its goal of 100% recycled polyester.

“While some companies have opted for fast fashion with an increased number of product deliveries, we’ve consciously chosen to focus on high-quality, luxuriously soft apparel that will remain in your closet for years to come,” senior marketing manager for Alternative Apparel Kevin Miles said back in February 2020. “Even more, we want our processes and materials used in manufacturing to have minimal impact on the environment.”

At the time, Miles called the eventual fulfillment of the pledge “a huge change.”

Continued Efforts: In conjunction with Earth Day and meeting its eco-pledge, Alternative Apparel has named “Earthleisure” the most important clothing trend of the future and is introducing a new Alternative Tri-blend Collection in which all three yarns were eco-focused and made with U.S. grown cotton and 100% recycled polyester.

“Our product collection offers style, pricing and a company behind it dedicated to sustainability,” says Michael Johnson, director of marketing for HanesBrands Printwear. “Historically, you can only get two of the three. What we are doing with Alternative is challenging that mindset. You shouldn’t have to compromise. We are looking at every single aspect of our products.’

The company plans to continue combining style and comfort while considering the environmental impact of its processes.

“With Earthleisure, our goal is to revolutionize athleisure by forging everyday style and softness and help our customers with their environmental footprint,” says Johnson.