Distributor AIM Smarter, LLC (PPAI 230461, D12), headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, hosted its second annual AIM XP virtual event this month. The event, which included a supplier trade show, featured multiple options for education, AIM member community engagement and conversation breakout room-style discussions with AIM VIP supplier partners. It also included recognition events for both AIM supplier partners and its member and affiliate communities, and ended on a high note with a virtual happy hour that featured entertainment by The Flying Ivories. AIM XP drew more than 1,500 AIM and ACS Affiliate Services distributor members.

AIM’s XP event began with a conversation with AIM CEO Nichole Stella, ASI President and CEO Tim Andrews, and PPAI Interim President Bob McLean, CPA, CAE, CEM, in which they discussed the state of the industry and post-pandemic opportunities for distributors. This year, the event added a virtual trade show featuring a lineup of AIM supplier partners.

AIM XP’s education component was tailored to meeting the needs of the present industry environment with sessions on ways to develop business in the present economy, the emergence of micro-markets, technology integration and tools for creating solution-centric business relationships.