PPAI has released highlights of the Association’s 2016 Buyer Study. The study, conducted by Relevant Insights, surveys preferences and buying habits of promotional products advertising by ad agencies and advertisers.

The Association’s research has found that overall, buyers consider promotional products advertising effective in achieving their marketing goals. They generally consider promotional products more effective than social media and nearly as effective as all other media. Of the wide range of features promotional products exhibit, buyers primarily appreciate the ability to supply a useful product that relates to their target industry and maintains the campaign theme.

For buyers, the most important characteristics of promotional products as an advertising medium include their ability to promote customer loyalty and repeat business, to efficiently reach the target market and their likeability among diverse audiences.

The 2016 Buyer Study is conducted by PPAI in order to understand buyers’ budgets, purchasing habits, preferences and level of satisfaction with promotional products. A previous buyer study was published by PPAI in April 2014.

A summary of the study’s findings is available here.

The full report is available to PPAI members here.