When you run your own business, you wear multiple hats—especially in the beginning. You quickly become the person in charge of sales, marketing, distribution, operations and many more roles, often leaving little time to think at a higher, more strategic level. Also, until you can hire the right people to help you, you’re expected to be the expert, too. And don’t forget the most critical challenge of all—time. You want to get to market faster and better than your competition. As they say, time is of the essence when you’re an entrepreneur.

To get over this hurdle, it sometimes makes sense for a small business to hire a consultant. This person can deliver expertise in the areas where you lack it, and help you get to market faster. Today and tomorrow, Promotional Consultant Today shares key reasons from the developers of online consulting platform, Quantifye, as to why a small business should consider working with a consultant

1. You need to execute a plan. To grow your business, you need a strategic plan that serves as a roadmap. This plan needs to reflect goals, objectives, scope and budget. Whether your plan reflects your business strategy or marketing approach, it allows you to strategically plan what needs to get done and when, to keep your projects within scope and on budget. Consultants can help you create this plan, ensuring you meet your objectives, and freeing you and your team to focus on how you are going to execute the plan.

2. You need to increase profits, and keep costs low. To increase profits and be efficient in the process, you need someone on the job who knows what they are doing. Top consultants have years of experience across industries and job functions. They can save time and money in getting an initiative off the ground, as well as take a deep-dive into your analytics and tell you exactly where and how to boost sales, and where to cut costs.

3. You need the right skill sets. Do you need someone with a very specific level of expertise? Some companies have very niche products or services, so they can’t hire just anyone for the job. That person has to be able to understand your industry, and be equipped with the right skills required for that job. A consultant can provide that specific level of expertise.

4. You need someone who knows best practices. Aside from knowledge of and experience in a particular industry, companies also need to be able to follow best practices. A consultant not only demonstrates best practices, but can train your team on how and why to follow these best practices.

5. You need someone with a fresh perspective. Sometimes when you’re too close to the problem, it’s difficult to see what’s wrong. One of the benefits of hiring a business consultant is that he or she can give you a fresh perspective, and “tell it like it is.” Consultants are trained to analyze data and develop comprehensive strategies according to where your exact strengths and weaknesses lie. Because they’re not full-time employees, they’re able to be completely objective and transparent. This enables you to make improvements where necessary without stepping on toes.

Want to know more reasons to work with a consultant? Read tomorrow’s issue of PCT.

Source: Quantifye is an online consulting platform that makes it easy for businesses to discover, hire and work with elite independent consultants.