Whether you’re worked in promo for years or you’re new to the industry, self-promotion can be a valuable way to elevate your career. When done thoughtfully and strategically, it can help amplify your visibility within your company and the promo industry. Self-promotion also helps ensure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed when it comes time for new projects or performance evaluations.

Worried about appearing braggy? Don’t be, according to a post on the Korn Ferry blog. Workplace humility can limit your career, especially if you work in a hybrid or remote role. Instead, learn how to show your value authentically and constructively. We’ll show you how in this issue of PromoPro Daily as we highlight the post from Korn Ferry.

  1. Embrace self-promotion as part of your role. The Korn Ferry blog post explains that sharing your progress is part of being a good employee. When your boss knows your achievements, it might change future plans or open the door to new opportunities for you and others.
  2. Help your boss help you. You’re busy, and so is your boss. Help them by providing regular updates on your progress. The post recommends keeping a running log of your day-to-day successes, both big and small.
  3. Link your achievements to the big picture. From sales quotas to company goals, every team is working toward something. To impress people without sounding pompous, the post suggests showing a correlation between your work and the team’s strategic objectives.
  4. Focus on quantifiable outcomes. Did you meet your sales quota or reduce costs? Did you increase your team’s productivity or improve a process? Add numbers to these outcomes. The Korn Ferry post says this is an important way to make your achievements sound more real and exciting.
  5. Build a network and become a resource. Expand your self-promotion beyond your boss by offering your insight as “the office expert” or volunteering for new projects. The post suggests also meeting up with key contacts regularly and discussing what’s going on in your world.
  6. Be enthusiastic. Be the kind of person that other people remember – and in a good way. When you’re an enthusiastic advocate for your work or promo company, people will notice. Try posting about your work on social media or adding to key topics at team meetings.
  7. Ask for feedback and accept compliments. When you finish a project, ask your co-workers what they thought about it. This can help build relationships, the post says. And when someone recognizes your hard work, don’t say, “Oh, it was nothing.” Instead, accept the compliment with a simple, “Thanks for noticing.”

Self-promotion is crucial for career advancement. Use the tips above to authentically showcase your skills and pave the way for greater success in the promo field.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: The Korn Ferry blog. Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm.