The sales process is how sales reps take a prospect from the beginning stages all the way to the close. It’s a structured approach that contains a series of interactions and sales activities. Think of it like a roadmap for sales reps. They know what actions to take based on where the prospect is in the sales process.

Jeffrey Steen, the editor at Salesblazer, says the best sales processes make selling easy. Want to learn how to build a sales process that lands the deal every time? Keep reading this issue of PromoPro Daily, where we outline Steen’s winning strategies.

  1. Know your promo. Prospects expect you to be the promo expert. Make sure you understand the ins and outs of various products, from imprint options to colors.
  2. Know your ideal prospect. When building your sales process, you should also have a deep understanding of your ideal prospect. Steen says many companies build buyer personas that outline the demographics, psychographics and communication preferences of their ideal buyer.
  3. Begin prospecting and lead generation. Steen suggests asking other sales reps or industry pros for referrals. You could also use your CRM and AI tools to streamline the prospecting process.
  4. Qualify your leads. This is a key step in your sales process because you shouldn’t focus your time on prospects that aren’t a good fit. Steen recommends making qualification calls that get basic information about a prospect’s needs, budget, timeline and authority.
  5. Lead a sales call. The next step is to schedule a sales call and present your pitch. This is your chance, Steen says, to present your offering as a solution to your prospect’s problems. At the end of the call, suggest the next steps, which could include follow-up calls or a proposed deadline for the sale to close.
  6. Follow up. After the call, follow up with a summary of your conversation and suggested next steps. Steen says you can make it easy by sending a PDF contract with a field to electronically sign.
  7. Nurture and upsell. If the prospect signs, you have a new client. However, the sales process isn’t over yet, Steen says. Look for opportunities to cross-sell or upsell. It can be as simple as a note that says, “By the way, we can also do XYZ.”

Don’t yet have a documented sales process? Prioritize creating one. Without a clear sales process in place, you might wait too long – or come on too strong – and drive the prospect away. With the right sales process, you and your team will know how to deliver tailored solutions at just the right time.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Jeffrey Steen is the editor at Salesblazer.