Are you thinking about adding some new talent to your promo team this summer? Consider hiring an intern. You’ll benefit from the fresh perspectives they bring, and your team can benefit by lightening their workload a bit. Interns tend to be enthusiastic and ready to dive in, which can be a boost to your company, whether you need help with social media, research or another task.

Hiring interns can also be a smart recruitment strategy. Every year, around 300,000 people intern across the U.S., and 70% are hired post-internship at the company they interned with. Your interns could turn out to be promo superstars. How can you find them? We’re sharing a post from the Indeed Editorial Team in this issue of PromoPro Daily. Read on for ways to find quality candidates.

  1. Post on your company’s careers page. Aspiring interns might be researching opportunities at your promo company. Make sure you post your open internships on your careers page.
  2. Share the internship on social media. The Indeed post recommends sharing the opportunity on your company’s social media accounts. You could also post on your own accounts to help you reach a wider audience and gain more exposure.
  3. Ask for referrals. Check with your promo peers – they might know of some talented candidates who would fit in well with your team. Just make sure the candidates they refer can meet the job’s qualifications regarding skills and experience.
  4. Post on internship boards. You can also get the word out about internship opportunities by posting on professional career sites. Some allow you to include parameters to ensure you’ll find the right fit.
  5. Attend college job fairs. What colleges or universities are nearby? The Indeed post suggests sponsoring or attending an upcoming job fair. This allows you to speak to prospective interns and get to know them informally before setting up an interview. Pack your promo and get ready to see what talent you might discover right in your own community.
  6. Start early. According to the Indeed Editorial Team, it’s always best to start your search early so you can find a qualified intern. Many companies look for summer interns, so start planning now so you have the best shot at finding talent.

Hiring interns brings all kinds of benefits, from innovative ideas to new perspectives. Companies that hire interns are also giving back to the local community by helping students get real-world experience. If you’re looking for a promo intern for your company, follow the tips above to find them before summer begins.  

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: The Indeed Editorial Team comprises writers, researchers and subject matter experts.