How often do you include video in your cold emails? Adding a video provides that personalized touch that people crave.

One HubSpot survey found that 54% of respondents say they want to get more video content from the businesses they like. And why wouldn’t they? A video humanizes the interaction, fostering trust and connection from the get-go. As a promo pro, using video allows you to showcase your personality and passion in a way that resonates with prospects.

Martin Gessner, the founder of Focus on Force, says you can breathe life into your outreach campaigns by adding video. The first step, he says, is introducing yourself and then sending a follow-up email with testimonials and useful content, like free data into the latest promo trends.

Gessner says that while video can be impactful, you need to have your strategy on point. We share his tips on how to nail your video prospecting in this issue of PromoPro Daily.

  1. Start with a script. It’s not a good idea to press record and wing it. You should first craft a script that begins with an introduction. Then, Gessner says you should mention your promo company’s offerings and point out some of the problems you can help your prospect resolve. Don’t focus too much on this, though, or you’ll sound overly promotional. The goal, Gessner says, is to engage the prospects instead of giving a sales pitch. Finally, be sure to highlight a testimonial or case study by mentioning a previous client and the results you achieved for them.
  2. Craft compelling email copy. Readers will interact with the text before they click the video, so make your words count. Start with an engaging subject line and draw readers in with powerful words. Don’t write a novel – keep it to four paragraphs maximum, Gessner says.
  3. Add an attention-grabbing thumbnail. Gessner points out YouTube research showing that 90% of the most successful videos use custom thumbnails. To create your own, get a high-res image that represents your video and raise the contrast to make it stand out. Then, he says you should write some text in bold above the image. This is also an opportunity to personalize the thumbnail.
  4. Make your videos look professional. Gessner recommends getting a good camera, tripod and ring light and using editing software. The goal is for your final video to present your brand in the best light possible. Prospects shouldn’t cringe as they watch your video.
  5. Track the views. Last, make sure you monitor the effectiveness of your video efforts. Some metrics to watch include the number of views and whether people watch until the end. Also, do they respond to your CTA? If your percentages are too low, make adjustments. Maybe you could try a different script or change the filming location.

Instead of sending the usual text-only emails, try mixing things up with video. Adding short videos to your prospecting emails can get you higher response rates and help you stand out in your prospects’ inboxes.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Martin Gessner is the founder of Focus on Force. He has spent over 10 years working in various Salesforce roles.