As a promo expert, you know the importance of branding. Your brand tells people about your company’s DNA. It lets people know what you do, why you do it and who you do it for. While it’s important to build a strong and recognizable brand, make sure you don’t neglect the employer side of things. Your employer brand can directly impact your ability to attract top talent.

A post on the Pipeline blog says employer brand is essentially how the talent pool perceives your company as a place to work. Want to appeal to the best of the best in promo? Keep reading this issue of PromoPro Daily, where we highlight the Pipeline post on five ways to improve your employer brand.

  1. Take a good look at your company culture. It’s not enough to have a spectacular website with impressive case studies – your culture has the biggest impact on your employer brand, according to the Pipeline post. How do you find out where you stand when it comes to company culture? Ask your employees. Whether you use anonymous surveys or face-to-face meetings, find out what they like about working for your company and what changes they’d like to see.


  1. Build a content strategy. Content is crucial when it comes to attracting top talent. According to the Pipeline post, employer brand content includes the materials you create to inform jobseekers about what it’s like to work at your promo company. To boost your brand, you need a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy to engage your ideal candidates.


  1. Create an employee advocacy program. This is one of the best ways to give your company’s brand a boost. Happy employees make excellent brand ambassadors, so be sure to recognize and reward your employees’ efforts. Use promo to show appreciation for staff members who refer new hires, promote branded content or share content.


  1. Make the most of social media. It’s critical to build your employer brand on social media if you want your ideal candidates to find you, the Pipeline post says. You can certainly use LinkedIn and Facebook to post job openings, but also consider using social channels to engage with candidates. The post recommends creating a separate profile for your recruiting efforts to distinguish your employer branding from your traditional marketing efforts.


  1. Test and measure. There’s no end point when it comes to boosting your company’s brand. It can seem hard to quantify, the post says, but you should still evaluate your strategies. The Pipeline post mentions tracking metrics like reviews and ratings, retention rate, source of hire. You can also track employee satisfaction levels using anonymous surveys.


Boosting your company’s brand can help you attract and retain the best and brightest in the promo industry. Start by talking to your current employees about company culture and then mix in key components like content and employee advocacy. When you’re honest and committed in your efforts, you’ll get the brand boost you’re after.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: The Pipeline blog from ZoomInfo, a software and data company.