How cohesive is your team? Do individual employees feel connected to each other, with everyone working together for a common goal? Or do people tend to focus more on their own quotas and keep their co-workers at arm’s length?

Team cohesion matters. When employees work together as a single unit, there’s a sense of camaraderie. Employees trust each other and feel comfortable sharing challenges. In cohesive teams, people aren’t just motivated by personal goals but by the team’s shared success.

How can you build a more cohesive team? Read on. In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we’re sharing some insight from Jayson Darby, a global science leader at Thomas.

  • Cultivate open communication. Prioritize open and honest communication from the top down. Darby says this builds trust among team members and allows for the free exchange of ideas and feedback. Plus, when you commit to transparency, you’re leading by example and encouraging employees to do the same.
  • Create shared objectives. Everyone on your team should know how they contribute to the bigger picture. It’s also helpful for them to know what role their co-workers play. With this information, Darby says, individuals are motivated and empowered to collaborate.
  • Demonstrate mutual respect. All team members deserve respect, regardless of how long they’ve been on your team or their job title. Mutual respect goes a long way. Darby says cohesive teams understand this and aim to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect every day.
  • Show you believe in your team. You can build trust in many ways, from team-building exercises to showing transparency in decision-making processes. Even if employees don’t contribute to the decision, Darby says, they’ll feel valued when you take time to explain the thinking behind the decision.
  • Encourage collaborative problem-solving. When possible, one person shouldn’t solve an issue. If team members feel excluded from problem-solving, Darby says, they may feel a lack of control over their work life. Make sure you encourage their ideas and perspectives when addressing challenges.

Try the ideas above to cultivate team cohesion at your promo company. From fostering more communication to establishing shared goals, you can make success a shared journey instead of a solo pursuit. It’s rewarding for employees and the entire organization when everyone feels like they’ve contributed to the team’s success.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Jayson Darby led the global science function at Thomas, a group of psychologists applying business psychology, research methods and data analytics across global operations.