Like it sounds, customer-centric selling is focusing on the customer by asking the right questions, listening to their needs and creating long-lasting relationships. Organizations that adopt this approach are, on average, 4-8% more profitable than those that don’t.

Customer-centric selling can require some heavy lifting from sales teams, though. It takes time to really connect with customers on a personal level and to simultaneously build these kinds of relationships with a full roster of clients.

Writer Smeetha Thomas says that taking a customer-centric approach to selling also requires a mindset shift. While it’s still important to hit key metrics, everything should align with the higher purpose of helping customers. In this issue of PromoPro Daily, we explain her ideas on how you can build a customer-centric sales process.

  1. Practice empathy. Thomas says that top sales performers typically have characteristics like empathy, conscientiousness and modesty. To build empathy, try to create situations that mirror customers’ pain points. This can help sales reps develop a deeper understanding of what prospects are facing.
  2. Stay curious. This is another hallmark of top-performing salespeople, Thomas says. Always aim to enter conversations with a genuine desire to understand the prospect’s goals. Be sure to ask insightful questions, too. This can help foster a consultative approach and uncover the underlying issues prospects may be facing.
  3. Empower your prospects. Customer-centric selling means empowering your customers. Every sales conversation should focus on guiding prospects to solutions, Thomas says.
  4. Let your values and voice shine. You can attract and connect with the right prospects by sharing your values in every aspect, from your culture to the organizations you support. Thomas says sales teams should be prepared to discuss company culture, ethics and values that resonate with prospects.
  5. Create a spectacular customer experience. Do everything possible to ensure your clients have a continuously excellent experience with your business. Thomas recommends prioritizing service, particularly through support-driven growth.

Customer-centric selling can benefit both your sales team and your clients. This approach can lead to better leads, enhanced client engagement and boosted revenue.

Try to put yourself in your prospects’ shoes. What would make you choose one promo company over another? Then, instead of pitching yourself as better than other companies, aim to provide valuable, customized information that speaks to their specific needs.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Smeetha Thomas is a contributor to the Hiver Blog. She’s a writer and content strategist for B2B SaaS companies.