The pressure to close deals can lead some salespeople down a slippery slope of miscommunication. Some may bend the truth to land the deal, while others might pressure prospects to buy when they’re not ready. These tactics might occasionally lead to quick wins, but they can also damage trust and hurt relationships. On the flip side, when you’re authentic, you can build credibility and establish genuine connections with prospects.

Michael Halper, the founder and CEO of SalesScripter, says it’s understandable why some salespeople feel like they need to trick prospects. He says this is because they use a product selling approach, which can lead to higher levels of objection and rejection. The way around this is to take a consultative, problem-solving approach.

According to Halper, salespeople can make three changes that have a big impact on how prospects view them. We share his credibility-boosting ideas in this issue of PromoPro Daily.

  1. Avoid sounding salesy. You can do this by talking less about your promo company and solutions and talking more about the prospect. The goal, according to Halper, is to sound less like a salesperson trying to sell something and more like a consultant or adviser. When you stop sounding like a salesperson, you can decrease the guardedness and resistance from prospects. Halper says you’ll also decrease the feeling you need to trick prospects into talking to you.
  2. Talk to prospects who fit better. Not every prospect is an ideal fit for what you offer. By making conversations more about the prospect, you can figure this out sooner. As a result, Halper says, you’ll spend less time talking to prospects who aren’t a great fit, and you’ll decrease the feeling you need to trick people into wanting your promo solution.
  3. Show more confidence. By using a consultative selling approach, Halper says, you’re likelier to have more clarity about the problems your offering can help solve. This helps you see there are people out there who need what you offer. It’s a confidence booster when you know this. You’ll realize you don’t need to trick prospects into seeing the value of what you offer.

Instead of resorting to sketchy sales tactics, work on cultivating authenticity. Aim to build real relationships rather than simply chasing transactions. Listen to your prospects, be transparent in your communication and offer genuine solutions that add value. This is how you can set yourself apart as a true promo pro.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Michael Halper is the founder and CEO of SalesScripter and author of The Cold Calling Equation – Problem Solved.