Nadav Raviv, 40
Senior National Account Executive
Nashville, Tennessee

Getting Started

Raviv was working as a bartender but looking for a career when his mother introduced him to a friend in the promo industry. He earned a small tryout at first, then expanded to bigger projects and clients.

Earning The Honor

Mike Szymczak, co-founder of Origaudio, says, “I’ve always appreciated Nadav’s willingness to mentor young and old newcomers to the industry and shepherd them to their own levels of success.”

What Keeps You In Promo?

“I love motivating people and mentoring people. I’m all over that Facebook page – you know, Promo Products Professionals. Somebody asks, ‘Where can I get this cup, where can I do this?’ I love chiming in. I love helping other people. We aren’t competitors in this industry. There’s way too much business out there. Nobody can have everything.”

What’s Your Biggest Career Challenge?

“Patience. I am really quick on the gun and want to get things done. If I get an order, I want to turn it in now. But I don’t have the artwork, so I’ve got to wait for that. All these sorts of things have to come together. So, having everything up front and turning those orders in a smooth process, that’s the most efficient way of doing things. It’s really the only way of doing things in our industry.”

What Can The Industry Do To Attract More Young Leaders?

“A little bit more outreach, I think. You know, there are no courses in schools that are promotional products-driven. I’m a history major. I don’t do anything with history. So, having a course that brings to light our industry, maybe even in high school, is kind of cool. I know some people actually even started selling promo while they were in college, and now they’re industry rockstars.”